The Ritz-Carlton: Managing The Mystique Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-6-0326 © 2011
Nie, Winter; Lennox, Beverley

This case describes the business model behind The Ritz-Carlton’s exemplary customer service. It touches on employee recruiting, development and involvement, with special emphasis on it invests in providing them with opportunities to reach their full potential and developing them and how it treats its employees like “ladies and gentlemen”. It also describes how the company bolsters the “Gold Standards” – the values and doctrine by which the business runs – on a daily basis with all workers. The business goes to astonishing lengths to create renowned service and the telling of “Wow Stories” during the “Daily Line” brings to life examples at the start of each shift. Behind the renowned service is a knowledge management system.

The Ritz-Carlton pays close attention to gathering performance data – everything from guest settings to scuff marks in an elevator – and then makes sure it's widely available so that the appropriate action can be taken. Learning objectives: Discuss the Ritz-Carlton’s business model which constitutes a service-oriented culture and a sophisticated knowledge management system. It's the combination of the two which allows the Ritz-Carlton to deliver its celebrated service.

The Ritz-Carlton Managing The Mystique Case Study Solution

Subjects: Business model; Customer service; Service delivery; Knowledge management system; Employee development; Company culture
Settings: Global ; Hotel; Hospitality ; 38,000 employees ; Beginning to 2010

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