American Construction Inc Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


American Construction Inc. came into being in 1979. During 1980s, the contraction development was at its peak. American Construction Inc. is one of the companies who availed this opportunity and reaped positive results. Until 2009, the company enjoyed the benefits as the market leader in the construction industry in middle Tennessee. During this era, the company constructed around 600 projects, which were successful with profits of $1 billion. The company got license in 15 states of US. Nashville landmarks include Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum that is in the book of American Construction Inc. On the other hand, the company is also known for the construction of many music publishers in Nashville area. Some of them are American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and Sony-Tree. During 30 years, the company managed to win so many awards that showed their expertise in construction and development. The change in construction market in late 1980s endangered the potential of the company. But with hard work and delegation from the workers of the company, American Construction Inc. remained energetic.

Services of construction that were provided by the company facilitated five construction markets i.e. public and non-public schools, hospitals, entertainment, worship places and commercial buildings. First church was constructed by the company in the era of 1990s. In the early 2000, religious industry construction had been an active industry. The year of 2010 was recorded as higher non-residential growth sectors compared to residential one. World Outreach Church’s budget did increase by 3 million because of altering in architect’s design and some sudden events. Grott, who is acting as the manager in American Construction Inc. has the background with bachelor’s degree in construction heading the project of church. He was told to complete the necessary work for the Christmas Eve and other minor tasks would be completed afterwards. He analyzed that Grott should have maximum 10 days in order to discuss the requirement of the architect. He acquainted that the toughest part is to coordinate with contractors for the project. It was usual for construction to remain functional for several months as the final contract was prepared. But it could not be signed unless the architect punch list was not finalized. It was a kind of guarantee given by American Construction Inc. to WOC that till mentioned date in the contract, the work would be performed according to the detail mentioned in the document. The document preparation completed in half of the day and was signed by each contractor by saying that they have received all their finance that was required for the fulfillment of their duties on this assignment. After discussing the progress, Grott analyzed that three major works in the property were still remaining on September 24th; this work was  related to the bookstore, lobby and sanctuary. Grott needed to plan its construction in such a way that the punch list must be completed before the Christmas Eve so that the ceremony could be performed without any hurdle. Grott stated planning for each stage and tried to make it possible to finish the work on time. He did all the possible planning according to parallel work with the contingency planning regarding material. Grott along with his team noticed that they were unable to complete their construction without overtime work. The deadline was so tough that there was no margin of error in the planning. Since, he was one of the best construction managers in town; hence, he believed that the job can be completed on time. All team members knew that expansion of the church by December 14th was very important in order to maintain the image of American Construction Inc.

  • 1.      What are the key issues Grott is dealing with?


In order to analyze whether the project will finish on time or not i.e. December 14th, all the remaining tasks has to be listed and Grott has to evaluate the sub tasks accordingly. The main issue is to perform the entire task in such a way that all the tasks which are unrelated can easily be done simultaneously. He is also taking the workforce into account. On the other hand, he needs to make sure that the required material required to complete this task must be delivered on time because if anything gets delayed even by one day, then it will change the total planning schedule of the workforce and ACI may suffer. To evaluate the possibility of finishing the construction of the church before the stated time, Grott has to go through existing work plan and its timeline and crashes technique need to be applied in order to complete two tasks at the same time. The three main tasks that should to be completed includes: bookstore/kitchen/cafe, lobby and sanctuary.

Planning cannot be accurate because some of the things are not confirm such as arrival of material and cage dry wall, finishing, door set placements and installation of wooden fool. At some places their completing time is uncertain, the maximum time estimation can increase the the number of days of the project in such a way .................

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