The Real Value of Say-on-Pay Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In light of the financial catastrophe, investor activism is mounting round the world, leading to Say-on-Pay policies, which provide shareholders the chance to voice their vision on executive pay, and put pressure on boards to justify and clarify pay bundles more clearly to shareholders, if not redesign them totally. In the numerous high-profile cases, huge companies have remained unsuccessful to get approval of pay packages for their CEOs due to such activism.

Given the trend toward executing Say-on-Pay in America and many European countries, the writer collaborated on research to determine the actual effect of such policies on their performance as well as companies. The research illustrate that while Say-on-Pay might not control excessive remuneration, it does provide a host of other quantifiable, positive gains for their shareholders and companies, in the near and longer terms. Despite the benefits, the authors converse the Say-on-Pay may be a good strategy to reinforce corporate governance and responsibility within the firm, outweighing prices and the time they need.

The Real Value of Say-on-Pay Case Study Solution


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The Real Value of Say-on-Pay

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