Naukri: Three Retention Dilemmas Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-4-0317 © 2010
Narasimhan, Anand ; Dogra, Aparna

The Naukri case deals with the talent retention challenge that most Indian companies are confronting. The case explores different staff retention scenarios how they are handled by him and the founder encounters.

Naukri Three Retention Dilemmas Case Solution

The case argues the Leadership and Entrepreneurial challenge in fast growing firms in India. Learning objectives: Understanding employee retention, leadership and entrepreneurial challenges in India.

Subjects: Retention; Talent management; India; Entrepreneurship; Leadership
Settings: India ; Recruitment; Online sales; Technology ; 274 Billion INR (6 Billion USD) ; 2008-2009

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Naukri: Three Retention Dilemmas

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