Netflix in India: The Way Ahead Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Netflix has been a popular company and operating in over 190 countries. The company introduced itself in India in 2016 in order to cater its large population. The aim of the company was to offer SvoD service (Subscription Video on Demand). With the span of time, Indian population has been increasing, especially in middle class along with the increase in disposable income and spending on goods and services. Moreover, it has also been analyzed that penetration of internet usage has been increased overtime, specifically among youngsters. As well as use of smartphone among Indian population is also facing increasing trends.
Netflix is facing much competition and constraints as there are existing strong online streamers in the Indian market such as Eros and Hot Stars. Moreover, strong challenge is also from cable providers. On the other hand, due t growth and technology, company possess higher opportunity with diversified cultures, which would help the company to grow.
Hence in the presence of these challenges and growth opportunity, Netflix has to design the growth strategy to target the emerging but relatively different customer market by developing the customized market entry strategy that on one hand develop certain value proposition while on other hand sustain its models in India in the presence of well-developed competitors.

Netflix in India The Way Ahead Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement
There are many primary and secondary problems faced by the company. These problems include weak infrastructure of the company, low internet connectivity problems in the country, unavailability of local/Indian content preferred by customers, censorship issues that are working as constraints of Netflix to grow in the Indian Markets.
Industry Analysis
According to (OECD, 2017), the Indian economy has been continuously growingover the past few years. Moreover, the Economy has been grown to 7.5% in India due to which the company has been included in the fastest growing economy in G20. On the other hand, the technology growth has also impacted the Indian Economy. As it is stated by (Mohit Dubey, 2014) that technology industry of India has been increased by tenfold comparing from previous decade. In addition, Domestic software grewto 46% while software exports grown up to 62% in the last five years.
As per the statement of (LLP, 2016) that Indian digital media is expected to reach INR 200 billion by 2020, with the growth in spendingbetween 23 to 28%. As the millennial population of India has been increasing, therefore, there is a chance of rise in tech savvy and young internet consumers with increase in their disposable income. It has also been analyzed that Indian population will own 350 million smartphones till 2017. Online access would also be democratized by the increase in inexpensive smartphones and increase in the rollout of 3G and 4G.
SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis of Netflix Company in India is as follows:
1. Strong brand name and reputation in International streaming market that would help brand to stand as a strong competitor in the Indian economy.
2. Offerings and contents are customized on the basis of market needs and customer’s preferences.......

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Netflix in India: The Way Ahead

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