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Negotiation is a process that leads to a common ground where the parties involved in a conflict find a solution to the problems. It is basically a discussion which is aimed at reaching an agreement. Negotiation is something that does not necessarily have to happen between employees or the management in an organization, but it happens among the individuals as well. Negotiations even happen amongst the countries also.

A failure of negotiation is an issue which leads to poor decisions.Negotiation basically occurs between firms, organizations, NGOs, legal firms, government branches, nations, etc. Failure of negotiation leads to rising conflicts and issues amongst the members involved in the dialogue or the negotiation process. Negotiations fail due to various reason and causes. Some of the major reasons, which make the negotiation unsuccessful, are listed below:

      Over competitiveness

      Irrelevant anchors


      Biased framing

      Escalation of commitment

      Biased framing

      Unrealistic risk assessment  


North and South Korea talks collapse

The negotiation failure that is being discussed in the paper is regarding the issue between the South and the North Korea who were supposed to meet in Seoul to actually explore and discuss the issue which have been long standing for the pasty many years. The negotiation between the two divided nations was the first attempt after many years.

However, right before the negotiation day, a news broke out where the South Korean government basically appointed the vice unification minster as the chief delegate on behalf of South Korea. To this appointment, North Korea demanded that the country should send a more senior official. The reaction of South Korea was a conflicting one where they argued that the delegate nominated by North Korea is of even more low status. ........................

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