HR Assessment For Employee Retention Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This report is revolving around a Dubai based head office of the budgeted hotel chain which provideshigh-quality basic services.But, the company is facing issues of role ambiguity at managerial and reception level staff. The company is finding it difficult to resource the staff and restrict the employee turnover frequently occurring within the organization. It has exceeded the current industry trend and created a serious issue for the company to take into consideration for resolving the issue soon to get rid of this problem so that company can reduce the discrimination among the employees which enhances diversity and recruitment of the right people at the right time with its limited available resources.
Moreover, the problem of employee retention is very frequent nowadays causing businesses to lose asubstantial amount of human resources resulting in frequently rising cost. In order to minimize the retention, management should change some policies regarding the recruitment, selection, initiation, job training, and design and salary packages. However, the choice of policy must be appropriate in order to minimize the problem for thecompany.
Furthermore, employee retention has a direct relationship with wage rates, which should be competitive in theindustry. As there isa continual increase in indirect costs such as employee retention, it is very important to identify the reasons for therespective problem and appropriate action that should be taken by management. (CONNER, 2002)
It has been determined that the relationship between employee turnover and performance is very complicated. Therefore, it can be identified that performance of the employee could reduce the turnover to a very low rate. In other words, if the turnover is low, it shows the employee’s loyalty and stagnation. (Whitt, 2005)
The reasons for employee higher turnover could be gender inequality such as the working women faces many difficulties while working and stepping towards career goals. However, as the problems that are created by everyday sexism, there are many other issues that have been highlighted in order to make theperception of women’s competence level and their sustainability. These issues include pregnancy, being a working mother etc.
Consequently, many cultural and societal obstacles have been faced by women. Therefore, the women are not likely to be suitable for many job posts as well as the lower pay for the same work is earned by them. As a result, the employee turnover ratio has been increasing (Kihlman, 2010).
Features of Employment Market:
Employee Engagement:
The balance in work life and personal life is an important factor for employee engagement and retention. It has been researched that the intervention of work in personal life hasresulted in higher stress and exhaustion for employees (Summers, 2004). Incorporation of telework options have been resulted in benefiting 70% of businesses by increasing productivity, reduction in costs, increased employee flexibility and the balance in work life and personal life.
Employees Commitment:
Generous policies of human resources have a higher rate to retain and satisfy theemployees. Such as by facilitating them with the privacy and sound control on workplace which increases the motivation level..........

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