Coptic Orthodox Church experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Coptic Orthodox Church experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Starting from the beginning, the information collected has revealed that Saint Mark established the Coptic Orthodox Church when he came to Egypt.According to the Coptic Orthodox encyclopedia, “The Coptic Church is based on the teachings of Saint Markwho brought Christianity to Egypt, during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero in the first century, a dozen of years after the Lord's ascension.” The Coptic Church was founded in Alexandria, Egypt in about 200 A.D. The main question related to the concerned study was, what was their religion based on and where did they get the teachings that they are following? Coptic Encyclopaedia answered the questions as, their teachings come from the old testament,” The Coptic Church”, which is now more than nineteen centuries old, and had used as a subject by many people”. The community believes firmly in their faith, and the church is considered as the oldest one of the particular religion.  Orthodox creed is one of   their main reciting’s, recited by the people all the time at the church with faith. Creed is their belief. Everybody uses the creed and recites it to show firm believe in their reciting’s and religious doings. The Coptic Christians have strong beliefs, norms and rituals that they still follow with enthusiasm and with their whole faith.


The Coptic Orthodox Church is part of the Oriental orthodox churches. The examples of the Oriental orthodox churches include Syrian and Armenian. They were originally apart of the eastern Orthodox churches, In451; the major schism at the council of Chalcedon took place. As a result, Church split from other Christian churches over the nature of believes about Christ. The main reason why they left the eastern orthodox churches was because of their difference of belief in Jesus'sexistence; they also defined themselves as Miaphysis, the one who believed that divine nature and human nature are united, and the combination is inseparable. This is defined in the concrete words by Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern USA as “the unity of the two natures of Christ (the Divine and the Human Natures) into one nature of the incarnate God. The two natures never got separated and never changed each other.” The Coptic Church now forms part of the 'Non-Chalcedonian Orthodox Churches’.  The thing that has valuewas the definition of Coptic, BBC defined it as “The original language of Christians in Egypt was Coptic, which itself is a development of the language of the ancient Egyptians. Coptic was the main language of the Church until the 11th century.” Coptic is a mixture of Egyptian characters and the Greek alphabet.

The holy book:

The Holy Scripture they follow is the Holy bible. There was another belief of them that God did not write the bible, but it was written with the help of Christ. It was one of the beliefs that made them to form another community and spotted as the one having different beliefs from the other christians.

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