Nestle-Rowntree (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Nestle SA is the largest food company in the world, its acquisition RowntreePlc in 1988 to 2.5 billion British pounds, the largest foreign takeover of British companies. This case is the first in a three-part series of cases placed before, during, and after the acquisition of Nestle Rowntree and gives an inside look at major international acquisition. Includes a note on the chocolate industry and the world comes to an end at a time when Nestle must decide whether to start a hostile Rowntree. Written from the point of view of Nestle, it gives the opportunity to consider the benefit of various acquisition opportunities in the industry. Also raises the question of why Rowntree became a takeover target, and policies Nestle do hostile takeovers. "Hide
by James C. Ellert, Dana G. Hyde, J. Peter murder Source: IMD 32 pages. Publication Date: 01 January 1989. Prod. #: IMD011-PDF-ENG

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Nestle-Rowntree (A)

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