Shenzhen Filtroil: Finding Balance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

They opened a brand-new factory in Dongwan that was a merger in between Shenzhen Filtroil and their provider, Liu Li-whose own factory was on the brink of bankruptcy. Liu would own 10 % of the merged factory and Shenzhen Filtroil would own the rest and get all of the needed devices.

One year later on Leahman was on an airplane headed for China to hash out issues with Liu, who had actually required a month-to-month raise for himself and his other half, a brand-new business vehicle, and a boost in earnings sharing. Qian Kai Nam (Qian) and Shea Kai Young (Thomas), who ran Shenzhen Filtroil and were in on the zinc collaboration, thought that Liu's habits put the whole company relationship at danger. The case exposes alternatives Leahman might take to handle the circumstance.

Shenzhen Filtroil Finding Balance case study solution


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Shenzhen Filtroil: Finding Balance

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