The Dannon Company: Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            Dannon has been a subsidiary of Danone which is one of the largest health focused food companies that has been operating globally. Moreover, the focus of Danone has been to provide its customers with fresh dairy, bottled water, baby nutrition and medical nutrition. Dannon has been manufacturing and marketing fresh dairy products in the United States and it has been the number two player in the domestic yogurt market as per the research in 2008 (Christopher, 2010).

            Along with this, Danone which is the parent company has been quite keen to explore the emerging or the growing yogurt market of the United States. To actually penetrate in the market, Dannon has focused on the growing United States market by expanding its product range and spending money on its advertising efforts.

            Moreover, Dannon has been founded in the year 1942 by Carasso where he later changed the name to Danone to Dannon to actually make it sound more “American”. At the inception or during the initial phase, the company faced quite few issues because the United States yogurt market was still underdeveloped.

            However, Carasso made a major innovation in the year 1947, where he introduced “Fruit on the Bottom” yogurt product which became an initial success. Moreover, Dannon even introduced a new product in 1955 where the company introduced low fat yogurt for the market. With the initial success, the company Dannon grew more than 17 product categories, moreover, the decade between 1980 to 1990 can be considered as the innovation time for Dannon. In 1988, the company launched its most successful brand “Dannon Light” (Christopher, 2010).

            Moreover, the company even focused on the children category also. The company has looked to follow a collaborative decision making where the major decisions have been made through the executive committee. The company employees more than 1,150 employees and is present nationwide (Christopher, 2010).

            The company has been selling 6 million cups of yogurt and has actually made it a renowned brand. The marketing strategy of the company has been to communicate the customers about the positive factors of the company with the increasing number of health care issues.

            The company has been quite keen upon focusing on the corporate social Responsibility efforts of Dannon. Gayle Binney is the manager who looks after CSR efforts of the company. Moreover, the key themes that have been developed by the company regarding CSR at Dannon include the three step model.




            Along with this, Dannon CSR has also been looking to find ways where it can actual communicate and develop a sense of understanding for the customers regarding the company CSR activities.

            Furthermore, as per Dannon, CSR manager, the company has never looked to communicate its CSR initiatives as a priority. The company however communicates its CSR efforts through company website and even educates the consumer about the benefits of Dannon products in terms of CSR efforts. Furthermore, the company has also focused on children education by supporting children. Binney has been comfortable that the company Dannon has not focused on the promotion of its CSR efforts only; she believes that the company does not overly promote its CSR efforts only (Christopher, 2010).

            Finally, in such a situation, Dannon has to decide the future marketing strategy for its CSR efforts. The company basically wants to maintain its current approach to the social responsibility and the commitment to its social values the same. The case basically examines the best method to actually do so, should the company develop a corporate level campaign, how shall the parent Company Danone respond, etc.The Dannon Company Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Case Solution

To Communicate or Not to Communicate?

            Dannon should actually proactively communicate all its consumers about the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts the company generally makes to strengthen the society and to improve the work life of its employees simultaneously. The reason is simple, in the modern world; it has been observed that consumers are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of CSR.

            They tend to favor organizations and their products more than others, because of the fact that the favor and are aligned with the CSR activities which not only improve the end result of the product, but it helps in brining a safe and secure work place environment for the employees (Carroll, 2000). .............

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