Advice for Monroe Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Monroe should definitely accept the offer from Whole Health Management but the job and compensation package that he has put together for himself would place him in a highly challenging position. There are several reasons why he should definitely pursue this position while a number of reasons point out why a slightly different compensation package would have been more beneficial for him.

As per Jim’s final email to him regarding acceptance of the compensation package by the organisation, he has clearly pointed out that Jim would be one of the highly compensated professionals in the organisation. Earlier in the emails exchanged between the two, Jim has explicitly pointed out that he would be more than eager to take care of someone who he feels is contributing more to the organisation than what his compensation package gives him. In addition to this, he had expressed that a high compensation package also establishes the expectation that the individual would be delivering and performing more than others. While Monroe’s confidence and his desire to perform is visible from his proposed compensation package, it would have been better for him if he had asked for a different compensation at this point in his career. This would also entitle him to greater care from Jim’s side while at the same time he would be able to assess the organisation before working on a performance strategy.

Advice for Monroe Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Monroe is just a fresh graduate who would be beginning a career at Whole Health Management. Considering the fact that there has only been a 1%orientation towards this industry by the class of 2005, healthcare does not seem to be an aggressive career option and so basing the compensation on high performance at the initial stage of his career would prove to be challenging for Monroe.

Jim’s leadership style can be seen ‘Paternalistic’ which is more of an authoritarian style rather than a democratic one. This can be stated by looking at the emails that he has exchanged with Monroe where he has explicitly given minor details regarding how Monroe is supposed to reach the venues for his collaborative dinner meetings and who he should expect to meet. He seems to be someone who gives minor instructions thus assuming that the other party might not be able to get the minor details sorted out on his own. Or maybe this is his way of being helpful but it indicates a ‘paternalistic attitude’.Even in large organizations where the leadership style of the owner or the head of the firm is paternalistic, decision making is mostly centered on the head of the firm with very little delegation (Branine, 2011).This type of leadership combines strong discipline and authority with fatherly benevolence. So such managers take personal interest in their worker’s lives as well as providing a protective environment to them. (Pellegrini & Scandura, 2008)This may relieve stress and tension from the employees but a lack of delegation would also have the implication of fewer opportunities to show performance............

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