My Experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

My Experience Case Study Solution 

The second phase of my childhood started good, till the age of 12 years I moved to different schools making new friends everywhere. I started playing cricket as a hobby.  My grandmother died in the same year I joined the cricket team. We had only one source of income which was from my father. My father retired when I was13. The financial crisis started in my home, until that time I had enjoyed my childhood and suddenly there was high pressure on me from my parents to spend more time on studies rather than other curriculum activities and sports. On the other hand, I got selected in the national cricket team to play under 13. The changed behavior and stress from my family lead me to perform poorly in the tournament.  After my father’s retirement, he started a small business and he asked me to go to his shop on Sundays. I felt bad about it. After 6 days of school, I had one Sunday and my parents asked me to go to the shop and maintain it. It was very hard to deal.

I completed the 12th grade when I was 16. After that I planned to apply for Air force, Navy or Army since my friend believed that these are the best options to earn fast and to support one’s career. My parents resisted my option to join Army. After a big debate with my parents, I applied for Navy and I got the letter for selection. I went to Navy selection board and failed in the last round. I had been very upset about my failure in the test, perhaps I recollected myself and opted to go for the top universities in India. Again my parents did not support me in the decision. My parents explained me the reason of denial in a way: “I know you may get a better rank with 1-year course, but 60K engineers will pass out in that year and you will get job after the 60K people and by this time money is very much important in our life”. I slowly understood my parents’concern that they were expecting me to get a job as soon as possible and take the responsibility of my sisters. So, I decided to join the college with my current rank.

My Experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Luckily, I got admission in Information Technology in my home town. It was a good learning curve for engineering subjects. First time in life I got a chance to study all engineering classes in English. I have spent awful time to complete my graduation. During the 1st year of engineering I was inactive and did not participated in much of the activities in college. From 2nd year on wards I was proactive in programming subjects and started mentoring few of my friends as well. I acted as a leader in some of the college events and it made me comfortable working with all my classmates. I encouraged my classmates to give paper presentations in different colleges.  In the 3rd year of my college there was a big quarrel among students and most of them were involved from my class. The management decided to suspend 10 students from my class who were involved in the incident. That day we boycotted the college. We took the decision which made bad impression on my batch. I was a follower at the time and I carelessly followed my classmates. Towards the end of 3rd year my elder sister’s marriage date got scheduled. In our culture, we invite more than 700 families which is more than 2000 people to wedding. My father had an accident just few days before the marriage. As a son, it was my responsibility to get things done. It was the hardest time as I was taking my father to hospital daily for checkups.I  was managing the wedding and attending the classes, that was the first challenge in my life.I got more self-confidence after I got successful with my sister’s wedding ceremony with minor flaws in the arrangement but I still got appreciations from my relatives as I took charge of 85% of the administration tasks, especially the money management at the day of marriage. There is a reason why I believe it is the biggest achievement in my life as I had never dealt with people at events or parties. After that I spent a lot of time on getting a job in campus. We had educational tours scheduled in the 3rd year. The tour helped me to know myself more than my classmates. Till that time my friends used to call me simple, helpful, modest guy. Whenever I always hear the positive things I never examine myself on negatives......................

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