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TO:        Google’s Top Executives


RE:        Google Inc.

Google is a successful and dominating player in the internet industry and has become an industry giant due to its strategic initiatives. In the meantime, Google needs to revise its strategic objectives in order to retain its success in the coming years. Google has boundless opportunities to choose from according to their future course of action. Google is facing tough competition, which is increasing rapidly and to secure its future; it is an appropriate time to choose any effective strategic move from the available options.

The search engine business is becoming concentrated because Google is dominating the search business and Yahoo is trying to regain its lost position in the industry. But the situation has become very challenging because modern web surfers want to have a sophisticated web surfing to seek out content in less orthodox sites. To fulfill the unique requirements of the modern web surfers, new and advance search engines from new competitors are also trying to capture the market. Google fight on almost all topics and has used a very diverse and effective advertising method to gain and maintain its unique position in the e-commerce. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful through innovative approach.

It is recommended to Google’s top executives that they should focus to challenge the Microsoft’s hegemony over the PC desktop by developing products compatible with Microsoft’s office and Windows. Google should compete with Microsoft because it has already gained a distinctive position in the search business and it will be very difficult for Yahoo and MSN to harm its position. In this situation Microsoft can be a threat for them therefore; they should concentrate on their strategies and moves. Google should try to capture the mobile segment and should build a new operating system and platform for mobile users. Modern users of computers and other technologies are looking for convenience; therefore, the mobile technology has chances to grow rapidly in the coming years. If Google captures this niche of consumer products, then it will easily compete with Microsoft by ruling over an entire segment....................

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This case describes the history of Google, business model, management structure, corporate culture, and the processes of innovation management. It addresses the recent Google's strategic initiatives and the threats they pose to Yahoo!, Microsoft and others. He also asked that Google should do next. One option is to focus on the core competencies of the company, ie develop the best solutions for searching and monetization them through targeted advertising. Another option is to manage the new arenas, for example, build Google into a portal like Yahoo! or MSN, Google expanded role in e-commerce for the search to encompass a more active role as an intermediary (eg, eBay) facilitating transactions or challenge Microsoft's position the desktop PC software development to compete with Office and Windows. "Hide
by Benjamin Edelman, Thomas R. Eisenmann Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 21 pages. Publication Date: January 28, 2010. Prod. #: 910036-PDF-ENG

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