MUSIC Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Music is an art of transforming and arranging different semantic structures in such a way that it provides harmony and pleasure to the listener. Music is used in different perspectives, as it serves a widespread range of purposes ranging from providing pleasure to bringing peace as well as it is also used for medication purpose especially for the people suffering from mental illness and disorders.

Moreover, music is classified into different types and classes with respect to different religions, classes, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, gender as well as age groups. Furthermore, it is also classified into different types with respect to their pitch, intensity, composition as well as target emotions. The main types of music with respect to their pitch, intensity and composition include classical music, pop music, rock and roll music, as well as it also includes jazz music, retro music, techno music, etc.

Nowadays, rock and roll music is trending and growing robustly worldwide. More people are getting attracted towards the rock n roll music. Moreover, the field of rock n roll music has led the music industry at a widespread margin.


The Rock n roll music was first introduced in the United States of America in late 1940’s. The music has been formally established and performed in early 1950’s. Moreover, rock n roll music has not been founded by any single person or any individual group; it is developed by different people pertaining to different contextual background by mixing and transforming rhythm and blues, as well as jazz, gospel, into hard edge music. Music first gained global recognition as a rock n roll music in 1955 when it is performed in a live event in Ohio by Alan freed a well renowned Disk Jockey.

The golden age of the music began in late 1962 when it was performed in Britain by popular music brands like Beaties, Gerry & peacemakers, and the Searchers. Moreover, the rock music was performed by Freddie and Dreamers, Herman’s Hermits and the Hollies in Manchester. In this time period, the rock music has gained popularity and was readily accepted by different classes of people especially the people in United States.


The phrase Rock n roll itself depicts the type and nature of music that the music consists of highly energetic beats as well as the rock n roll music is hard edged and highly volatile as compared to other type of music. The music is mainly used to boost up the energy level of people as well as the beats n intensity of pitch of this music is set in such a manner that it brings excitement into people.


The rock n roll music generally pertains to teen age group as well as it is also liked by people in the age group 20-35. Since the music consists of highly energetic beats, it is mostly used in dance clubs as well as it is also used in different sports clubs in order to boost up the energy level of people while dancing and playing different sports.

Moreover, it is also common in different parties including farewell parties as well as birthday parties in order to maintain the level of excitement of people as well as in order to avoid boredom in such parties. Since the music enhances the excitement level of people, therefore it is frequently used for taking sexual benefits.

The rock music is tempered in such a way that the listener of the music plunges into the theme of music and gets highly excited and loses their ability to think wisely as well as the ability to differentiate between good and bad, therefore the person is easily attracted towards sex when it is plunged into the theme of rock n roll music.


There are various instruments that are used in playing rock music. Mainly the rock music is played by electronic guitar because of its volatility and high intensity sound. Moreover, a triad of instruments are used to produce the energetic beats which are the major part of the rock n roll music. Hammond organs are combined used with drums and piano in order to produce highly intense sounds and energetic beats. Moreover, nowadays there is massive innovation and technological advancement in the entire music industry, which has facilitated the composers with a huge variety of segments to produce innovative songs...................

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