RFK HIGH SCHOOL Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Review of Case Events

  This case focuses on one of the newly appointed principles of Robert F. Kennedy high school, David King. This high school was one of the newest of the six high schools in Great Bridge, Illinois. David knew that Robert F. Kennedy high school was not at all an ordinary school. There have been a range of issues, which were being faced by the school in the preceding years such as violence, security issues and there had been no significant improvements in the grads of the students of the ninth and the tenth grade.

 The troubles facing the school had begun right from the first year of the school in 1968 to 1969. By the middle of the first year, there had been many rumors about growing conflicts between the department heads of the six subject areas and the housemasters. There were a number of reasons for these conflicts such as the different opinions on the curriculum policy. This conflict was further fired when a teacher had been assaulted in the class room in the year 1969.

  The second year of the school was even more troubling when a flexible staffing policy had been developed by Weis in 1970. This initiated a debate by two of the housemasters had supported this policy against others. However, the scheduling process was not free from errors and it was halted. Moreover, in May 1970, a fight between two boys in cafeteria had affected the reputation and the property of the school and the school was also closed due to severe disturbance. Also, a police cruiser was called in for temporary stationing outside the school.

 David King became the new vice principle of the school in July 1970 and spent the day interviewing staff and individuals. He came across a number of issues such as the issue of door question of two housemasters, flexible staffing programs and cross house course enrollments. Other issue which he came to know about was to removal of Perkins by several teachers. Racial issues also existed within the organization and issues associated with the shortage of staff had been gathered by David. Afterwards, he conducted interviews with the staff of the school inquiring about all the issues and then a meeting had been conducted with all the staff on Friday afternoon which ended without any solution.

Review of Theoretical Concepts

 Overview of the assumptions of Structural Frame

  The structural frame is an important aspect for analyzing this case situation and the problems which are being faced by David King as the new Principle. It is assumed that the motivation and the commitment of the individuals are essential for the success of the organization. Moreover, the technical quality of the decision making is also highly important. Along with this, there is no ambiguity and uncertainty within the case therefore; the structural frame is the one which makes the most sense in this case. The scarce resources and the conflicts in this case are significant and it is the team conflict in the case which is resulting in other issues thus, a working from the bottom-up is not required at all under this structural frame......................

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