Brussels and Bradshaw Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

She face her final performance review where she will be told whether or not she's been offered full-time employment following her graduation. Succeeding a grueling summer during which she worked tireless 100 hour weeks with no praise and received little training, no proper mentorship, she was hurt, frustrated and bitter about the experience. Despite appreciating the real work and finance, the intern is unsure whether taking B&B's offer is a great idea, should B&B extend her the chance. She'd seen little to no improvement in the abusive approach of her superiors despite it being one of the most prestigious banks on earth.

As she walks to the business department supervisor's office, she reviews whether or not she should bring up the unresolved issues that transpired during the summer, the mounting frustration of working in teams that gossiped and did not respect her work, and ultimately her inability to understand why she had been handled so badly despite her diligent work ethic. On the one hand, the intern could bring up such issue and attempt to describe herself before the business department supervisor determines whether or not to extend her the offer. Or, she could listen to the review and continue to take full responsibility for the problems which weren't her making in the hopes that it might make her appear more mature and professional and possibly assist her in getting her full time offer.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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