GROWING MANAGERS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 GROWING MANAGERS Case Study Solution


The case illustrates the Leadership Dilemma, Richardson faced as she switched her job role from a team paler to team leader. Richardson joined the Phoenix green house Inc. that offers the suppler service to the floral companies like Walmart. Since the last few years the  sales decreased due to which the company augmented the product line to capture the market share and sustain it in the market.

However, since the day she moved to other city, she faced a complete different picture of the new as she expected. She failed to develop the team synergy due to the different personality and behavior of the team members toward the job role and career. And since, she is struggling to understand the team behavior, the target to meet the sales are arrived and that the sales are not met.

  1. What does Richardson think makes a good manager?

Analyzing the personality and behavior of Richardson, it is deduced that according to Richardson, the good manager is a one who completes the target sales on time or in fact before the deadline and are able to increase the revenues and sales pool of the company in the market.

She believes that good mangers are those who can connect with the team at once and have a team synergy throughout the team. She also believes that a good manager makes a friendly atmosphere and close relationship with the team and have a synchronized relationship that helps to maintain the healthy relation and helps the team to connect and own the organization by achieving the goal.

She believed that once the manager have good close and friendly relations with the team they are able to understand and align themselves more particular and precisely, on where to take the business.

  • What did Richardson do right when she started her new job? What mistakes did she make? What might have helped Richardson get off to a better start?

Analyzing her behavior and approach, Richardson, analyzed the performance of each member in the previous year through which she identified the key loopholes in the performance path and highlighted those area to talk with the member in personal. The move initiated was right as it enabled her to understand the areas that needs mentoring and training.

In addition, she meted each member of the team individually and heard the thoughts which enabled the team to open up more frankly and letting Richardson understand the reasons and behavior of each team member leading to better basis for developing a team synergy.

However, she failed to use the mix of authority and persuasiveness which is needed in initial time to impose and control the behavior of the team first and then use the act of reciprocity to mold the behaviors and boost the performance in long run. In addition, she treated the team members quite leniently which reinforced the behavior of the members and made the situation worse.

Richard could have avoided the presented situation by initiating the meeting by taking the control and exerting the power of the position which could have controlled the personal behaviors of the individuals.In addition, she should have resolved the issues with each individual by identifying the needs of the individual ranked through Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs which would have allowed her to deal and offer the appropriate mentorship to mold the behavior.

  • Critique Richardson’s first meeting. How could she have made a stronger impact on her team that first day? Describe some ways Richardson might effectively build her team.

Richardson could have mad e the strong impact on the team by initiating the speech by sharing her vision with the team members making them enthusiastic about the job role, than she could have stated how she has succeeded from a team member to the a team leader to uses an example to motivate and interact with the team members.

GROWING MANAGERS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In addition to this, instead of making the meeting a mono log communication, she could have encouraged he engagement and involvement of the team members which would have break the ice and developed the foundation of the team relationship. Moreover, she should have stated the initial speech in a way that stated her success as the benchmark for her team members to achieve in order to stay motivated.........................

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