MOTIONLESS LEADERSHIP Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Situation Analysis

The case is about a young graduate Chaitanya Mukherjee, who had completed his graduation and masters in communication from Regional Engineering Collage, Kolkata. He was a very bright student with a strong and impressive academic record and was awarded with a gold medal and outstanding student award (twice) for his outstanding performance during his academic career. Immediately after completing his studies, he received offers from MindRule and Genesis Incorporation however; Chaitanya had joined MindRule Consultant Services just to have a chance of getting settled in his hometown Kolkata in the future.Mind Rule was a leading IT consultant firm with strength of 14,000 employees and global operations in three continents. After getting training at training house Mumbai, Chaitanya was deputed at Hyderabad at Client Serving Utility Group. Chaitanya performed well and received “B” grade for his performance which was assumed good at his level. His supervisors and colleagues were satisfied from his attitude and performance.  Chaitanya requested the HR department for his transfer to his hometown Kolkata. The request was approved and Chaitanya was transferred to Code Development Group, where his supervisor was leading consultant of the group Dibang Gupta. Dibang was impressed with the academic career of Chaitanya and his outstanding performance with the previous group. At this group, Chaitanya faced several issues and it became hard for him to continue his job. Moreover, Dibang has showed little flexibility to Chaitanya and stressed him to solve his issues on his own, as he was already famous for his rude, tough and workaholic behavior. Dibang overlooked the issues of Chaitanya which resulted in numerous interpersonal issues and at last Chaitanya resigned and quit his job. It seems that the Chaitanya was competent and open to take initiatives, but due to the lack of support and guidance by Dibang his performance become deteriorated and he left the company.

Problem Statement

The main issue in the case is the lack of proper support and coordination between the leader and the subordinates which resulted in many other issues and put the organization at risk. Due to the lack of coordination, support and a fair appraisal system, the company had lost one of their top performer and competent employee, which would probably become a competitive edge of their competitors.

Case Analysis

Although, MindRule Consultant Services is a very competent company, however, some of its internal issues could cause serious threats for the reputation and success of the company in the future. The analysis of this case study identified three categories where MindRule should need to make changes and improvements to create a win-win situation. Chaitanya had a very strong and bright background both in his academic and professional career therefore, he could easily get a good job somewhere else,and however, his resignation could raise several questions to the effectiveness of the MindRules.

Centralized HR System

MindRule should implement a centralized HR system across the company to ensure a fair system of supervision. It seemed that at Code Development Group, Dibang was leading the group while having full authority and control in his hands. He had a free hand in evaluating the performance of his subordinates while there was no one who could assess the performance, attitude and response of Dibang towards his subordinates. Though, Pranoy Roy, project head of the department had more authority as compared to the Dibang, but he also showed less interest in the issues and had not understood the seriousness of the issue. Chaitanya was left with no choice, so he resigned from the job. There must be a committee or department for the employees where they could file their complaints about their supervisors. The Committee must be independent, so that they could thoroughly analyze the situation and could be solely responsible for the employee’s accountability. . Moreover, the committee should call explanation from the employees after receiving their resignation. This would help the company to control employee turnover as well as would make them able to get an insight to the potential issues that could affect employee satisfaction. The committee must call the supervisors about the poor performance of a competent and talented employee like Chaitanya. They should also call the employee and should ask about the issues which affected his/her performance.

Demand for Nurturing Leadership

Chaitanya was a very productive and competent employee and was a true asset for the company. He performed effectively at the Client Serving Utility Group and his supervisors and colleagues were very happy from him. It seemed that Client Serving Utility Group’s supervisors and leaders were cooperative and were aware about the importance of the role of the leader in talent nurturing in an organization. Whereas, in Code Development Group, the leader was not cooperative and he had no awareness about the importance of his role..................

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