Discovery in the Amazon Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Discovery in the Amazon Case Solution

In a world of fluid borders, private and public managers frequently face ethical challenges that cross ethnic lines and recognizable geographic. The central focus of the case is a job to build a pipeline in Ecuador to take crude oil to a delivery point on the Pacific coast from Indian lands in the Amazon. Due to her business acumen and ability in working with representatives of a transnational association, the protagonist becomes a project leader for her firm-taking on managerial duties while being refused a managerial title.

The remarkable meeting with tribal members-including the ritual drinking of conventional chicha-creates a crisis of conscience that leads her to wonder whether her professional aspirations need willful indifference to the plight of native traditions. HKS Instance Number 1764.0

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE


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Discovery in the Amazon

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