Using “Biztainment” to Gain Competitive Advantage Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Biztainment is a performance by which entertainment is added to a bundle of services and goods, in order to develop competitive advantage. The achievement of this goal is exemplified herein by extending the product lifecycle economical examples of increased sales, repeat business, and gains, and using, so ensuring survival of the company. The general premise is that biztainment is an increasingly popular business strategy, appropriate to all businesses.

For example, consider the goods and services supplied by Build A Bear stores: children can choose the fabric, eyes, and buttons to create an unique tangible good, while the memorable procedure for building it (applying self-service, too) with family or friends adds extraordinary value to the purchase. Build A Bear's use of biztainment has resulted in 370 shops worldwide on five continents, expanding at a speed of 25 locations each year, and earned sales of $474 million in 2007 (Build-A-Bear, 2008). This article closes by offering examples of ways in which supervisors can evaluate their current product-service strategies against the environmental drivers of biztainment.

Using Biztainment to Gain Competitive Advantage Case Study Solution


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Using “Biztainment” to Gain Competitive Advantage

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