DuPont NASCAR Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            The purpose of this case is to highlight the DuPont and NASCAR sponsorship program and analyze how the company could take this relationship to a completely new level. Jeff Gordon had won the race at Dodge/Save Mart 250 and as a result of this the overall exposure for the company had increased. Looking at the relationship of Jeff Gordon and DuPont it could be said that Jeff Gordon is not less than an employee of the company and their relationship has always been fruitful for the company.

            Joyce Julius used to measure the exposure of the brand logos of the sponsors and this measurement was also carried out for the primary sponsor of the No. 24 car and Jeff Gordon. It had been measured that as a result of the victory of Jeff Gordon in the year 2005 in 2005 Daytona 500, the total exposure for DuPont as a result of this relationship had been $ 9.4 million of the total TV exposure.

            If we rank this exposure in terms of all the top US sporting events then it was seen by Joyce that this exposure ranked on number 2 after the exposure of Nike which it had obtained through Tiger Woods who had won the Masters Golf tournament. Therefore, it could be seen that the sponsorship relationship between both the companies had always been strong and some of the other contributing factors which made this sponsorship further strengthened were the hospitality tents, luxury suites, employee morale, customer value creation and internet marketing.

Problem Diagnosis

            The former manager of DuPont Motorsports was trying to get hold of the pain business in United States across their 65 automotive dealerships. When Jackson and Hendrick met they discussed the possibility of creating a relationship for the then unknown Jeff Gordon and the new team of Hendrick. After that meeting both of them signed a contract under which the DuPont Company would serve as the sponsor. By the end of the year 2006, the DuPont became one of the strongest brands in the household category. On the other hand, Jeff Gordon had by then became a NASCAR superstar.

            The DuPont logo was by then viewed by a millions of fans of NASCAR racing and Jeff Gordon around the world and especially in United States. This was a significant exposure for the company and the management of the company knew that they were doing great job however, what if they were not sure of was that they did not know that whether they were leveraging this significant marketing opportunity or not.

            The management did not knew that whether the company was maximizing the heat which was coming from the fire of Jeff Gordon. The main emphasis of this case is to analyze different marketing tactics outside from the traditional marketing tactics to determine the true relationship of this sponsorship. Furthermore, this case also requires the designing of the return on investment metrics into a detailed campaign plan. All the key strategies of the business, its objectives and campaigns will also be articulated through the analysis.

Dupont Nascar marketing Case Solution


            DuPont Motorsports is basically a business-to-business organization whereas NASCAR is a business to consumer organization. There are around 75 million total fans of NASCAR and this is equal to one-third of the total population of United States. The average attendance at each of the NASCAR races is around 135,000 people. Among all the best attending events in the United States, its 85% is held by NASCAR. Furthermore, it is a brand with the second highest rating on TV and it is also one of the best brands in terms of loyalty.

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantages

             The main purpose of the sponsorship is create awareness for the brand of DuPont via the Jeff Gordon and NASCAR sponsorship. As a result of this the public create positive views regarding the DuPont brand and gains huge national exposure. The main reasons for this are that the fans of NASCAR trust its sponsors. This was further stimulated by the internet marketing carried out by the company online. The company has built amazing customer relationships through the designing of the luxury suites and hospitality tents.

Furthermore, Jeff Gordon took active part in all the major events such as the plant safety achievement program. Along with this, DuPont also sells the racecar event packages and arranges all the event trips for the races. The branding of the company’s products was based upon the social and environmental responsibilities. These all factors combines together to form the one competitive advantage for the company known as the sponsorship relationship with Jeff Gordon............................

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