Hasbro Games – POX Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Suggested Proposal

There are two suggested options that the company can avail for advertising and promoting the newly developed product POX. However, the focus, the customer market and the target are all different for the tow suggested options while the marketing and advertising objectives also differ a great deal. Both of the options are associated with the objectives of increasing the awareness and also to generate sales for the new product making it readily acceptable in the market. Nonetheless, the advertising objectives have a slight difference that is also important to cater while selecting and choosing the option.

The first option suggests to advertise POX to the target market by leveraging the newly installed features and to promote the features as the USP. However, the next option favors to target and promote the non-traditional elements and focus on the customers that are more attracted towards fantasy and are linked with the story associated with the POX. Thus, one campaign focuses on utilizing the traditional mediums of advertising like TV and print media while the next option suggests utilizing the non-traditional mediums to create awareness among the customers.

The objective is to communicate the value proposition of the company and the product as well in the communication strategy for which the best and the most appropriate medium is required. Thus, the suggested option will be to select the first campaign of utilizing or using traditional mediums. The recommended campaign is the one that is focusing of advertising the product through television and print media and has the maximum budget of around $1.4 million. The company is an established player in the market and has a strong hold in the industry as well which is why leveraging the brand name of the company to promote the brand will be effective and essential.

On the other hand, by promoting the value proposition of the newly launched product, the POX will be the essential component that has to be catered in the advertising campaign. Therefore, the recommended campaign is selected which will be crucial and effective in terms of the two major objectives described or stated above. To further describe the suggestion, it is important to analyze the value proposition of the product which is the most crucial element of the communication strategy. The position statement of the product that translates the value proposition states that this new game is catering teenagers that have the affection and association with the games and love to play games.

However, the teenagers who are restricted to play due to time constraints and are bounded by the place or the boundaries are more likely to be catered with this game. Thus, POX the newly launched armor of Hasbro Games will be catering to such teenagers providing them a chance to enjoy instantaneous and stealthy play which is very significant element among the playing units. Moreover, this product has the RF embedded alloys that further signify the device which makes it easier for the teenagers to share their gaming experience with their friends and partners wherever they want without any restriction of time and place.

However, the described scenario or the analysis of value proposition clearly describes the positioning statement of the product. The positioning statement describes the target market of the product and also the value that is being delivered to the customers through this new product. On the other hand, the main objective of the advertising campaign still needs to be communicated, which should clearly describe the exact objective in a very brief manner.Hasbro Games – POX Case Solution

Thus, the main objective is to create a buzz and convey the main message loudly to the audience that the POX is available in the market and game players can utilize this newly launched device with RF embedded alloys which will make it easier for the gamers to get engaged in real-time multi players battles irrespective of the location and time as it provides complete control to the users. The content that needs to be advertise and will be part of the communication message that will be delivered to the audience or to the target market will have to entail few product features and characteristics that are essential to be assimilated in the communication message.............

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