Mitchell Energy and the Shale Revolution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mitchell Energy was founded by George Mitchell for gas in resource rich Texas to prospect. Nonetheless, unlike the recognized rivals who were primarily competing create and to prospect oil reserves, Mitchell focused on natural gas.

Mitchell Energy and the Shale Revolution Case Study Solution

When Mitchell Energy was getting totally entrenched in the organization, the natural gas business was not a hospitable surroundings particularly in the 1970's. By executing a blue ocean strategy George Mitchell brought a new perspective to the gas company. Creating a culture of dangers that are well managed and innovation that encouraged his team to question the received wisdom, cultivating an environment that helped his staff take nicely measured, he was able to oversee the advent of the shale gas revolution the United States. The instance offers several important lessons on executing blue ocean believing in practice that can be used across industry settings.


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Mitchell Energy and the Shale Revolution

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