Miles Davis: Kind of Blue Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Examines how well the company can "go to the next S-curve" by analogy with the work of Miles Davis's life, especially his stunning paradigm Kind Of Blue album in 1959. Students consider how and why Davis, who has already proved that he was the tops in their field, a new disruptive innovation in the field of jazz, in the process of creating the most commercially successful jazz album of all time. The case also penetrates deep into the creative process and the creative direction of Davis and the ability to develop talent (such as saxophonist John Coltrane), many of the great jazz musicians of the 20th century out of the informal "Miles Davis University." "Hide
by Robert D. Austin, Carl Stormer Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: October 27, 2008. Prod. #: 609050-PDF-ENG

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Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

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