Hospital Software Solutions (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hospital Software Solutions (A) Case Study Analysis

Thomas And Kilmann Module

Thomas and Kilmann proposed an effective conflict resolution style, which allowedmanagers to identify the basic purpose of arising the issues, which then helped the managers to solve the issue appropriately. Worthington should adopt the Thomas and Kilmann module in order to solve the conflict between Worthington and MacLachlan. This will provide an appropriate model based on five broad categories including competing, collaborating, avoiding, compromising and accommodating. Thisallowed Worthington to adopt the high level of corporateness and unassertive behavior with her employees and gain confidence by avoiding and collaboratingwith them and helping them in resolving problems and issues.(See appendix 3).


Kotter’s Eight Phase of Change

After investigating the whole situation and the conflicts caused between MacLachlan and the top management; it is recommended to MacLachlan that she should communicate her issues with the top management immediately. The culture of the HSS should change in order to increase the interaction between the employees and the management. In addition to this, MacLachlan could raise this issue in the upcoming “town hall meeting”, which will be attended by the HSS’s president. This meeting was designed only for non-management staff (for employees) in order to improve the company’s efficiency. Thus, it could be a best chance for MacLachlan to deliver her issues in this meeting and suggest a more interacting office culture, where employees can be free to communicate properly with their immediate bosses. Furthermore, MacLachlan should incorporate her issues with the immediate boss, because Worthington should know the issues of subordinates and the tasks being assigned to them.(See appendix 2).

Kotter’s eight phase of change is the change management model, which proposed an appropriate change model for anorganization. This change management proposed to develop a new vision of the organization, which should be properly communicated with the all employees. In addition to this, it allowed to delegate some sense of responsibility and power to the employees in case of emergency along with allowing them proposed new approaches and modules in order to make the process more advanced and quicker. This will help the Hospital software solutions to incorporate new policies and proceduresin the organization to make the process fast and accurate along with satisfying the employees needs and appreciation tools.


It is concluded that MacLachlan was appointed as a Customer Care Team’s Lead at HSS, in 2005. After joining the job, she was assigned with the data entry task with an inclusion of the customer care tasks. The culture of the organization was individualistic, where employees were responsible for their own work, and the collaboration between the management and the employees was highly limited. Thus, MacLachlan faced numerous issues regarding the assigned tasks and leadership style. It is recommended that MacLachlan should raise this issue in the upcoming “town hall meeting”, which will be attended by the HSS’s president.........................


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