Microsoft: New Wine in an Old Bottle? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Satya Nadella recently appointed by the Microsoft as its new CEO, but within the four weeks he is confronted with numerous challenges that await him in the two letters he informs to everyone in the company.  He describes the war zone of Microsoft as the “mobile-first and cloud-first world”, an area where she wants to divert everyone’s efforts in order to develop platforms and ecosystems and to integrate Nokia devices, services and the new mobile specialists. To accomplish their objectives, the company must focus on “a mobile and cloud-first world and introduce new ideas.” From his perspective, you could only lead the industry through innovation and not through tradition. Thus, to create an innovative culture, he requires technically sound staff of 125,000 individuals across the world to drive and help to lead this culture transition, to locate the company’s swing so that the team is “in such effective unison that no single action by any one is out of synch with those of all the others”. However, this transformation would yield numerous challenges for the Microsoft. On platforms, the future for the Windows was undefined. On devices, it is required Microsoft to figure out the approaches to woo application developers to develop its mobile ecosystem. On integration, Microsoft needs to utilize the acquired mobile expertise from Nokia by transferring and promoting. Foremost, to focus every individual on innovation via collaboration, how the new CEO could accomplish the cultural transition.

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Microsoft: New Wine in an Old Bottle?

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