Dacia Duster SUV Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Driven by the 2009 global economic crisis, Dacia Romania designed and assembled the Dacia Duster sport utility vehicle (SUV) to be the perfect SUV at an affordable cost. Following the successful launches of the cheapest modern sedan on the international marketplace in 2004 and among the least expensive modern seven-seaters in 2006, Dacia planned to introduce what it expected would become the least expensive contemporary SUV on the international market. The key challenges Dacia was facing in 2009 were not only how to sell the vehicle to present customers and the best way to run an extensive public communication campaign in order to convince other motorists to change their cars for the cheaper, more efficient Dacia SUV which was going to be available in spring 2010.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 21, 2011 PRODUCT #: 910A31-HCB-ENG

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