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Strategy is called software product line engineering or SPLE, is taking in the industries in which the software is an integral part of the products offered. Where he found a foothold, SPLE has led to remarkable results, such as an unprecedented change in the product, significant savings in production costs, reduce time to market, and a massive increase in productivity. SPLE is the software version of the old concept of the production: the creation of a set of products from a total of collected under the general design of the total production. The special properties of the software make SPLE particularly high payoff offer. SPLE uses the similarities between the products in order to achieve economies of scale, creating a non-core assets, the assets that will be applied to multiple products in the product line. SPLE accommodate the differences between the products clearly identify and plan for these differences in behavior and product quality. This change management allows organizations to achieve economies of scale and enables mass customization, where each market is considered as a niche. Management ensures that the core asset developers to create an effective fixed assets and construction products efficiently create products for their use. This requires control, coordination and fusion group goals that are slightly different inherent purpose. "Hide
by Paul Clements, John MacGregor Source: Business Horizons 8 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 2012. Prod. #: BH472-PDF-ENG

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