Mars Incorporated Online Procurement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question No. 2: How much can bid 1 charge and still be picked?


If Mars Incorporated talk about the bid 1, that will cost $2,050 but the supplier can only provide the display boxes for Mars bar, i.e. the supplier have bid for 1000 large, 2500 medium and 4000 small display boxes and charging $2,050. Since the supplier’s bid 1 is somehow accepted, than the cost will be $2,050 but yet no overall demand satisfaction.

Question No. 3: How low does bid 6 have to go before it will be picked?


If management of Mars Incorporated wants to go for bid 6, they will have to go long way around to accept it because the supplier have applied only for the display boxes of medium and small of only 3 Musketeers brand and yet charging $199 for them. Although this bid is less costly but still full demand satisfaction cannot be achieved.

Question No. 4: What are your suggestions to bid 6 to get picked?


As per our studies and calculations, the chances for bid 6 to get selected are low as it does not offer what has been demanded by the Mars Incorporated and yet charging $199 for it. On the other hand other bids such as bid 4 offer more than bid 6 and charging slightly high price than bid 6. Bid 4 offers same as bid 6 plus large display boxes of 3 Musketeers brand and for Snickers and yet charging only $21 extra. Bid 2 offers small display boxes of Snickers brand for $350.Mars Incorporated Online Procurement Case Solution

Question No. 5: What other suggestions do you have based on your observations?


According to the detailed analysis of the case study, we assumed that bid 5 offers most suitable and complete bid to the management of Mars Incorporated with a reasonable price tag of $4,639. The price is high because it offers all display boxes the company needed.................................

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