Marketing Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

VMV Statement


“To revolutionize online-based customize formal wear by delivering optimum quality within the most economic pricing to ensure customer value satisfaction”


“To become highly reliable custom made formal wear E-Store in U.S & Canada, capturing a heavy market share in the industry by delivering superior value to our customer and leading as one of the top formal wear brands.”

(Mirvis, 2010)

“Modesty leads to actualization.”

Capri-Cornia wants to bring a change in the radical practice of spending high costs on formal wear purchasing. Sellers in the western part of the world specifically US and Canada offer quality formal attire but their pricing is too high. Capri-Cornia wants to devise a model where people wouldn’t be just able to save their ample amount of money but also they will be offered a unique purchasing experience where custom made suiting will be offered.

Market Opportunity Analysis



As Capri-Cornia is a click and mortar business, there are no legal strict laws or restrictions for operating in any part of the world.


The growth rate for the type of businesses related to ours is increasing, spending on formal wear increases each year in US and Canada, as well as the total market size is $899 million only in the US. (source: Moreover, our solution is a hybrid of two industries i.e. on one hand manufacturing of formal wear and online selling on the other. Purchasing online significantly increases each year as well. In the recent stats (by Google Adwords Keywords Planner search) the initial or the keywords for example “formal wear”, “custom made suits” and “formal suits” had over 30,000 searches within a month.(refer appendix).


Capri-Cornia expects almost no issues or major challenges in socio-cultural aspects, as our product itself represents the western wear. The social trend in US and Canada is more towards rental formal wear because of the reason that formal wear is way too expensive, and it is one of the core issues that Capri-Cornia is going to address.


As Capri-Cornia is purely technological based click and mortar business, there isalready an increasing scope and demand for the ventures like Capri-Cornia. In addition,as the model of our business itself is unique and rare in the market, we have the first mover edge as well here. However, we will have to beup to date with the technological changes in the environment i.e. we have to maintain and adapt an organic culture in the organization and make sure that Capri-Corniais a learning organization, which empowers its employees to learn the new trends and changes.


The factors like weather and climate are not a primary challenge to our business or its model. We exist virtually, our product primarily does not concern with the weather. However, the eco-logical factor might be a secondary concern as to how much people will wear and purchase our suits in a specific weather. As in the western part of the world formal wearing doesn’t relate to weather that much, it is not a primary challenge to Capri-Corniaor its operational model.


As per legal formalities are concerned Capri-Corniawould be having a registered official domain and hosting, and as it would be a partnership business which operates from U.S, we’ll just have an official partnership deed. But as the business grows over time, we’ll register it as a private limited company. Other than these requirements, our business model doesn’t need any other legal requirements to fulfill at this stage.(Brownlie, 1994)........................

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