Marie Jackson: Revitalizing Renfield Farms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marie Jackson: Revitalizing Renfield Farms Case Solution 


Renfield Farms was established in 1964 by Donald Franklin, in Maine. It was founded as an organic farm and dairy. With the name of Nourish, initially, it was the producer of organic milk and cream to the retailer farms is the leading producer of conventional and organic dairy products.It has been the first supplier of organic milk internationally since 1991 .Through its Season’s Harvest all – natural yogurt line, Renfield began with yogurt categories development and as a result,its brand name was established.Employees were obsessive towards natural living and sustainable practices of working.

Renfield Farms has decentralized structure of organization that provides authority and accountability to the local level,and through this practice organization is headed towards responsiveness, and profitability.

1.     Company’s performance

Companies in the industry were taking over Renfield and Renfield remained behind its competitors even though it did not bring any innovations to its product line in ten years i.e. Greek yogurt product, while its competitors established categories of the yogurt.

Belvidere Incident

Renfield, in this field of action, was accused of civic virtue in 2012. A video was shown for the beaten cow that was jammed into pen and beaten up by the farmer.The company further took late actions against this incident. It was later admitted by the chief executive officer. Moreover, the press released its name as apathetic.

External and internal effectsof unethical action

In less time, the video of unethical action by the farmer was spread on the social media. The image of Renfield was badly affected, and its brand name suffered along with its profitability.Moreover, loyal and senior staff also left the organization due to this immorality and the company’s rank further deteriorated and this led to the company facingsevere loss.

Noncreative environment

Employees lost their confidence to be engaged in creative ideas. They were shaky with that of their creativity as everyone was moving along their own idea. The company also lacked creativity of the ideas at marketing side. The executives that came within 2002 and 2012 were not engaged in moving toward building the company’s brand name. Moreover, they could not place suitable strategies in order for the company to sustain.

Non Collaborative Environment

There were executives that remained working after Franklin however, none of themput any efforts in improving the company’s image. This was also a drawback for the organization that the environment of the organization was uncooperative.

Newly HiredExecutives’ Role

Executives that were hired after Franklin’s retirement were not able to implement proper strategies. In 2009, Chief Executive Officer,Conrad Lee,tried to implement lean production in the company however, the growth initiative of company fell short as well as the company couldn’t save its costs. Lee further tried to strengthen product development at the corporate level, however, he failed to do so because business the unit leaders rejected and operated at their own level of understanding. Nonetheless, marketing strategies were also carried by the business units as they were carrying since the past 10 years and the marketing campaigns were only brought to the traditional type of marketing strategies.

Reason of Company’s poor performance

Renfield’s reputation deteriorated heavily after 2002. The entire backdrop that was faced by Renfield was due to two major reasons:

Although the company hired two executives after Franklin, when he retired in 2002, however it was still not attainable for Renfield to improve its image.

The second reason for the continuous fall of Renfield was the unethical action of the farmer of Renfield. The incident badly affected Renfield. Social media network went against the company when the video was exposed. The consumers of Renfield also boycotted its products......................

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