Marketing in a Silo World: The New CMO Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A silo is a metaphor for an governmental unit that has its own administration team and lack the enthusiasm or longing to work with or even correspond with other managerial units. Organization have a gathering of silos that include merchandise silos (business units defined by merchandise or service offerings) and state silos (geographic silos defined by nations or regions). Today, announcement and brand structure involve an assortment of fast-altering modalities that do not lend themselves to the silo world. Customers are demanding silo - spanning offerings and services.

Marketing in a Silo World The New CMO Challenge Case Solution

There is just too much at stake to allow silo interests prevent or to inhibit the attempt toward achieving marketing and brand synergies across the organization. Understanding that sovereign silo organizations are no longer a viable option, there are a host of companies that are developing, enlarging, or energizing the corporate Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) position and creating or improving the supporting central marketing group. Attempts by a CMO and her or his team to traction, get credibility, and sway signifies a formidable job in the face of resistance or silo indifference. This article examines how silo impediments to the development of marketing organizations and great marketing can be reduced or eliminated, leading to successful synergistic marketing strategies and brands and more powerful offerings and programs.


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Marketing in a Silo World: The New CMO Challenge

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