Maria Gonzalez Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Maria Gonzalez, a unionized employee of Global Communications, was detained in an off duty incident involving firearms, drugs, and potential porn. The news account published the names of those arrested, including Maria, but listed her name as Yvonne Gonzalez. She had access to private info about Global's customers and was the point of contact for them.

Maria Gonzalez Case Study Solution

Gonzalez reported ill following her immediate boss and the arrest out, oblivious of Gonzalez's affiliated arrest and the drug bust, just believed this was a typical ill-day callout. Rather by accident and subsequently, the supervisors of Gonzalez discovered that her absences were directly related to events at the drug bust. In response, when she desired to report back to work, the managers turned out to be  concerned about what the suitable course of action must have been in relation to  Gonzalez's behavior. They were troubled by the possible customer and employee impact, in addition to negative publicity that could tarnish Global's overall reputation.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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