Managing Proprietary and Shared Platforms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In platform-mediated networks, users rely on a common platform (provided one or more intermediaries), which includes infrastructure and rules needed for users to transact with each other. The fundamental design solution for companies that want to develop a platform-mediated networks is to maintain control of their own or to share a platform with the competition. Own platform has one provider, which only controls its technology (eg, Federal Express, Apple Macintosh, or Google). With a common platform, such as Visa, DVD or Linux, several firms cooperate in the development of technology platforms and then compete to provide users with different but compatible version of the. This article discusses the factors that contribute to the property compared to the general model for the design of platforms, and then explains how the different management issues for their own and the common platform provider, when the mobilization of "Hide
by Thomas R. Eisenmann Source: California Management Review 24 pages. Publication Date: August 1, 2008. Prod. #: CMR402-PDF-ENG

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Managing Proprietary and Shared Platforms

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