The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Key Points

            The aim of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel was to maintain and achieve an exceptional quality standards to attract the customers. The hotel was quite successful in order to build top quality standards. One of the main strengths of the Ritz-Carlton was that they always valued their employees at a higher level, consequently it resulted in a tremendous quality standards within the organization. Various analysis and theories in the paper provide a detailed analysis about how Ritz-Carlton Hotel achieved its goals and objectives in order to ensure highest performance standards. The role of human resources also discussed in the paper in detail.

Issues Identification

            In order to ensure top quality standards, Ritz-Carlton Hotel faced several issues to cope up with. The company's major problem was to achieve continuous improvement and to provide a 100 % satisfaction to the customers. Employees also counseled to evaluate their own performance standards with limited dependence on the executives. While launching their new hotels in the market, the company faced various decisions to be implemented, one of the major problems was the selection of location for the hotel. For this purpose, Ritz-Carlton Hotel designed several feasibility studies, product development strategies to achieve their objectives based on research and development.


  • One of the options for the company is to opt “Product Development” strategy in order to strengthen the customer base and increase the market share.
  • The Ritz - Hotel Company can revise its training and development strategies for the orientation of the employees.

Market Development strategy is also recommended for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to expand its business at the global level....................

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

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