Managing Innovation: When Less Is More Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Analysis of the many successful and "visionary" companies indicates the existence of corporate cultures that emphasize commitment to the company and the cohesion of the group. Although these crops can improve efforts, morale and performance, they also tend to hinder innovation - the restriction is not only the expression "original" ideas, but even them. Research in social psychology has shown that the flexibility to changing circumstances and innovation be better served by "culture", which not only tolerates but welcomes dissent and minority views. This opposition - even so - better to encourage decision-making and innovation. Thus, the proper development of dissent may provide a mechanism to create unity without unity and to ignite the "spark" of innovation. "Hide
Charlan by Jeanne Nemeth Source: California Management Review 18 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 1997. Prod. #: CMR095-PDF-ENG

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Managing Innovation: When Less Is More

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