Developing a Common Language About IT Risk Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Although IT risk can be far-reaching business, few leaders feel comfortable discussing it. Risk of uncertainty and solutions IT risk seems to require understanding of complex technical issues. In fact, at the executive level compromises around the risk management, rather than technical. Four frames, availability, accessibility, accuracy and agility provide a common language and IT managers can use to manage IT risk without getting bogged down in technical details. Then you can start to take additional measures - improving the IT foundation, setting risk management process and creating a risk aware culture -. To create opportunities, which increases the return on investment in IT risk management "Hide
by George Westerman, Richard Hunter Source: IESE-Insight Magazine 7 pages. Publication Date: June 15, 2009. Prod. #: IIR002-PDF-ENG

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Developing a Common Language About IT Risk

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