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The workshop was important within the context that a provision of reliable food supply is necessary for an ever increasing world population. Land is becoming a scarcity with fertile land, even scarcer, and this fact is affecting harvests and soil to make the produce shrink day by day. The repercussions are devastating as; portions of the world population are left hungry or even worse malnourished, which causes developmental problems such as stunted growth. The human diet consists of many elements that are the needs of human body and which keeps them healthy.Animal protein and dairy products are part of the essentials within human diet- their elimination or reduction from their diet would result in malnutrition.

As the population grows and continues to grow at an alarming rate the total amount of protein needed by the human population understandably increases drastically. This results in the need for highly efficient livestock and dairy operations that may keep up with the demands of society and the limited availability of land, labor, water and the other resources needed.  All the food processing industries now need to grow products that are more sustainable and with supreme efficiency that will offer both quality and quantity for the consumers. Finding optimal methods to bring this efficiency will largely eliminate the fear of hunger and the world population not receiving their proper diets.

Until and unless the workforce has not been educated then they cannot be expected to add value to the producing methods and be able to cope with the changing demographic trends, different land use, education levels, greater consumer awareness regarding quality, and many more.  Thus, this workshop brought together over 70 participants belonging to different fields such as government, university, non-profit organizations and the food producing industry who, all together gave their views and expertise about making the industry sustainable and intensified.

Management plan

The initiative cannot be a success simply overnight or be a smooth running show without putting great thought and effort into it. The management plan needs to be formed in advance and then be followed in the event, to run a workshop smoothly. Each event has its own level of details to be taken care and there can be no template that covers them all, however, a high level overview of the basic steps that needs to be conducted by the planner and organizer prior to the event is necessary.

The first step involves the development of goals and objectives for the event that should be tangible and it should reflect the whole philosophy as to why this event/project/workshop is, being conducted? For example, the workshop aims to highlight the key issues in sustainable western dairies. Then, once the purpose and goals are cleared, the people translating these tangible goals into a reality, will needed to be gathered up. They need to have the right skills that enable them to use resources efficiently and effectively without compromising on the quality of work. The more experience they have in organizing a similar event, then it is more likely that they have best contacts and resources (speakers, sponsors, volunteers, venues) which would make the event more successful.

Setting a date for the event is also an important issue as the key participants involve people from many different fields and keeping in mind all the public holidays and the slots open for the venue a decision needs to be made quickly to allow the deadline to be made. Honing in from a bird’s eye view, all the administrative processes needs to be determined. What kind of leadership styles will be followed and how many layers will there be in the hierarchy, and the level of empowerment given to each person within that hierarchy are all the imperative questions that needs to be answered.

The workshop clearly stated the number of attendees formed a comprehensive report on the workshop itself, which could not have been possible if someone were delegated to complete these specific tasks. As mentioned before without finances, partnerships, and sponsors an event cannot be a success. The speakers at the workshop and the facilities provided had to be sponsored and in fact the whole workshop was a combined effort of two parties.

Therefore seeking corporate and community sponsors that will allow them to have a stake in the event would also allow more public and increase the success factor of the event. With the sponsors a budget also needs to be drawn which has specific breakdowns of different costs, for example for the luncheons, the budget would be different for the guest speaker session plus all costs including the accommodation, traveling cost of  speakers and presenters. One last step that needs to be included within the management plan is an evaluation of the event or workshop in this case................................

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