Environmental Sustainability Performance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



To become socially responsible currently P&G is focusing on the development of common citizens and tries its level best to provide basic health facilities to the society. For this P&G is performing efforts to reduce social class system by providing, free of cost education system in the developing countries. This step will make people aware of their legal, social and environmental rights. On the other hand, education will also improve their economic well-being.

From the perspective of providing basic health facilities, P&G is running campaigns for the availability of safe drinking water in all areas of the world where the public is being deprived of this facility. P&G is conducting this healthy water campaign named pure life in the countries that are economically weak that their majority of the population is living below the poverty line (Bansal, 2013).


On the other hand, the Unilever is fulfilling its social responsibility by providing Pureit. It is an in-home water purifier that delivers purest water without the requirement of boiling or electricity. It removes harmful germs, bacteria and parasites that could cause major diseases. An autonomous study has revealed that Pureit can reduce the occurrence of diarrheal disease by up to 60%.

To provide economic support to the society, Unilever is also introducing calorie-rich foods that are more accessible and affordable for the middle class. This product would make people able to consume more healthy food in the least amount of money.

To save the environment, Unilever is working on the reduction of a majority of the greenhouse gas emission. This gas emissions associated with Unilever’s soaps, shower gels and shampoos that would be harmful to its consumer use. Hence, the largest gains will come from the consumer's side of modifying their showering and bathing habits. The habits of this kind are deeply ingrained and not easily changed. Unilever is also putting their effort to make people aware of this issue regarding the release of gas from consumer products that are harmful to human health. On the other hand, Unilever’s social activities involve their awareness programs regarding salt reduction and its usage in both developing and developed countries.


Hence, by implementing on the framework of global reporting initiatives both companies are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility as per the guidelines developed by GRI. Unilever must provide more technological innovation for the development of an advanced system that will serve to renovate byproducts from the manufacturing of petroleum.

P&G is already working on providing basic living activities to the public with its purewater product. However, along with this project P&G could also work on the clinical supportive activities for the victims of thalassemia and hypothermia as the world required a lot of awareness regarding this disease.

As Unilever is running health care campaign with its soap life-boy, the company can also establish awareness programs for developing countries. These programs would be off various nature, but their sole purpose would be to educate public regarding hygienic way of living. By providing competitive wages to the employees, both companies are doing well, butthey must also develop some vocational training programs as well (Oppewal, 2013).................................

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