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Mahindra & Mahindra is an Indian automotive company mainly known for its automotive and car servicing in India. Nonetheless,the company had is still proceeding in many different fields, which are aerospace, aftermarket, automotive, components, construction, equipment, defense, energy, farm equipment, finance& insurance, IT, logistics,reale state, retail, two wheeler, and agri business . Mahindra is a combination of many companies with different expertise collectively known as Mahindra group. It is known as the largest automobile company by volume in India. Mahindra was ranked as 21st in the list of top companies of India in Fortune India 500 in 2011.

Over the past few years, the company has engaged in different acquisitions in new industries as well as in foreign markets. Mahindra entered the Two-wheeler industry by taking over Kinetic Motors in India. Mahindra also acquired Ssang Yong Motor company in 2011.The company has a diverse product line, as well as it has recently entered in micro drip irrigation by taking over the EPC Industries LTD in Nashik.

While this is a broader view, if we see Mahindra in microscopic view, particularly in India in the automobile business, Mahindra had been the leader of MUV'S for about 70 years. Mahindra & Mahindra was Mahindra & Mohammed, which changed to Mahindra and Mahindra after the migration of Ghulam Mohammed to Pakistan in 1947.

Mahindra’s aftermarket sector comprises of Mahindra First Choice services (MFCs) and Mahindra First Choice Wheels (MFCw).The function of MFCW is to buy and sell pre-owned cars of all brands. While, MFCS is dedicated to providing a wide range of automotive repair and service solution under one stop.(2016) (india multi-brand service, 2016) (april 25 2016) ( (india first multi brand service, august 2016)


The problem identified in this research is that Mahindra is planning to take the blue ocean strategy by expanding into "multi-brand" car servicing. The problem here in executing the plan is people's behavior towards car servicing. Most of the times people don't take car servicing as a necessity for their car. Some people perceive it to be costly and only take the cars to the service station when a problem occurs. The majority of the people take service as a name of engine checks and oil change which is wrong. Therefore,Mahindra has to fight the stereotyping of people towards car servicing stations and come up with the packages that are pocket-friendly for the people of India;keepingin mind the spending of the people in India.


Carworkz provides multiple solutions for people. The value propositions of Carworkzfor the car owner are:

Car owners value proposition

  1. Empowering women to get their cars serviced on their own. India has a conservative culture, especially when it comes to women as women are pictured as "home working women", which is a typical role associated with them such as they have no right to judge what is right or wrong. Despite the research that women tend to be cautious drivers, the stereotype in India is such that women are blamed whenever there is an incident in the road which involves a woman being the driver. Therefore in such culture,Car workz has taken the initiative to empower women.Female drivers are generally reluctant to take their cars to IG'S, ASC. Therefore, Carworkz enables them to book their car station or the mechanic right from their home. (MAHINDRA first choice service, june 2016)
  2. The car owner can take the estimate of the bill for the problem his/her car is facing, therefore there will be no fraud. India has a different culture than European countries, as people in India have the tendency to bargain often.Thus, the price of each commodity is stated with the bargaining price involved in it. Due to this,Carworkz enables people to have the first-hand information of the expenses regarding the services availed by them, as a result preventing people from getting in fraudulent activities..........................                                                                                               This is just a sample partial case solution. Please place the order on the website to order your own originally done case solution.
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