• The board according to the guidelines provided by the US securities and exchanges stated that there should be at least 2/3rd of the independent directors forming the committee. Therefore,yes the company has total 11 directors out of which nine are independent. Though the committee seems to be well structured, there is a glitch in educational backgrounds of the independent directors as of them have background of Law,which is eligible when we see the guidelines of the US Securities and exchanges however,if we look at the business model, then we can see that there are needs along with having knowledge of the background of any fashion, art or creative fields. As we go along the subject, we can see that a well-constituted board is the one which has(vague idea)
  • A diversified culture
  • Senior people reaching their 60’s or above.
  • Attendance system
  • No un-discussable subjects.
  • Problem solving attitude.

Most of the people in Gap are in their late 50's, which has led them to meet the benchmark of a well-constituted committee as experience comes with age and people with more knowledge and exposure are considered to be valuable assets. According to the profiles, it is also depicted that the committee has a diversified culture and people are adaptable to it. There is a proper attendance system in GAP Inc. and in every committee the attendance is taken, and every independent member has to attend six board meetings annually. All the board members possess bachelor’s degree at least in Law or Business Administration, therefore, yes they have a proper staff of board of directors, which meets the benchmark set by the US Securities and Commissions. (INC, 2013)


  1. There are three committees in Gap Inc. and they are FINANCE & AUDIT, COMPENSATION& MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT, and GOVERNANCE & NOMINATING. All these three committees have members 9 independent members. Therefore,there is a gap of understaffed committees. Moreover, as the operations expand and the business flourishes, there is a need of a larger management or board to set the rules in order to make the decisions wisely. As it is believed that every brain is a hub of different ideas and approaches, therefore there is a loophole regarding under staffed committees.(INC, 2013)


  1. The company currently has 11 members of which are independent whereas,3 of them are dependent. The names and tenure of the executives are:Corporate Law Case Solution

William S. Fisher- He has been serving the company for seven years in which he served the company in various positions. Moreover, he has been serving the company, Manzanita Pvt Ltd, as the CEO since 2001.

ROBERT.J. FISHER – He has been serving the company for 16 years. He has prior work experience with Pieces Inc. as a managing director. Moreover, he also served Sun Micro systems as a director since 2006.

Arthur Peck- His all major experiences are with Gap Inc. In addition, he has served Gap Inc. for a long period of time working in different positions. He also has worked in Boston consulting firm as the senior vice president.

Mayo A.SHATTUCK III- He has been serving the company for about 13 years as a director. His prior experience is with Exelon Corporation. He has served Exelon Corporation in various positions such as the President of Constellation, Chair person of Exelon, and the CEO of Exelon.

KATHERINE Tsang- Katherine joined Gap Inc.recently. She has been working with Max Giant Limited as a director and as a chairperson in China Standard Chartered Bank.......................

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