MacEwan Goes Global: Internationalization at a Canadian School of Business Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

MacEwan Goes Global: Internationalization at a Canadian School of Business  Case Solution


Grant MacEwan College was established in the year 1971 in Alberta, the city of Canada which is equipped with large resources of Crude oil reserves and natural gas and is responsible for approximately 70 per cent of the overall export revenues of Canada. Among the other resources, the city is enriched with the landmass of about 1.75 times larger than the Japan. Alberta City in itself considered as an international city because of the presence of diversified culture on its land in significant proportion. Let’s consider the pest analysis for the overall situation.

Political Factors

The government rules and regulations and the other legal factors are contributing towards the promotion of such a non-profit business. With the help of the global touch in the students, the trade among the other countries of the world could be enhanced, and future possibilities of earning the high return and covering more balance of payment could be achieved.

Economical Factors

It can be seen that the Albert City is economically very rich with the number of resources present on its vast land that makes it the second largest after the Saudi Arabia. In addition to this, the overall export revenues generated from the Alberta City is about 70% of the overall Canada which concludes the fact that the business could significantly earn sufficient revenues from the expansion into global market and that no potential issues could possible hinder its performance.

Social Factors

The socio-cultural factors of the city are also in favor for the smooth running of the global expansion plan of MacEwan. It can be seen that existing population of the city is very low as compared to the other provinces of Canada which illustrate the fact that shifting in the educational requirements and the ever changing needs of meeting the required career could be easily met. In addition to this, the other major contributor for resolving the issue lies in the diversified nature of residents from a different culture that could help the students in assessing the cross-cultural diversity concepts in its home city.

Technological Factors

As far as the technological aspects are concerned, it can be seen that the city is incorporating various innovative ideas to provide the real examples of the businesses which are adding to their strengths and the future possibility of a job and further growth.

Moving towards Globalization

In order to move ahead with the globalization of MacEwan, the analysis of six different components is essential which should be focused equally in order to produce the vital results. The analysis of these different components could be the next phase of globalization.

Global Curriculum (Durib, 2014)

The first step is to analyze the interface component in which global curriculum is studied in relation to MacEwan University. It can be seen that MacEwan has added some global subjects in its core curriculum in order to strengthen the knowledge of students relating to the global education. In addition to this, since all the international subjects cannot be taught by the current faculty members therefore, the students could be sent to abroad for a better understanding and gaining of experience...................

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