Lunchbox Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lunchbox Case Solution


Food is the basic need for every one, and everyone prefers eating healthy food. It is essential in order to work for 8 hours to 10 hours in a day so as to fulfill the basic needs, as well as for the family’s choice to demonstrate which choice they want to pursue for a successful healthy life. It is expected that nobody wants to eat undigested and hygiene food to make his/her health subjected to obesity. Furthermore, it is expected that around 1.2 million employees are working in different industries at Toronto, and the number is still increasing further to adopt the food culture during their busy work hours.

 In addition to this, the idea is to provide a decent healthy lunch to employees who are more health conscious and do not like to go the restaurants for low quality meals. It is determined that some employees tend to take a break from 20 minutes to 1 hour during the lunch time as well as they do not want to waste their time by going elsewhere for lunch rather they would eat in their workplace. Instead of doing all these irregular activities, they prefer getting their food delivered to their workplace. In further extraction of the particular information, they also do not want to waste anytime of the break in any restaurant in waiting and shouting against any waiter for any refill. Moreover,it should be preferable to have lunch in the lobby of the office and be able to get some rest after lunch, and then getting back to work, therefore, this routine would make an individual more active to work on any desk.


Coming to the point, it should be planned to research a particular market to offer and provide high quality lunch to the employees of the company. Furthermore, it is to be noted that this may not an easy job, which requires a lot of hard work and financial strength as well as trying is the key to success, and if it would have some sense to trust with regard to the people’s positive perspective, which means this scenario could at least be achieved.

The question that frequently arises is that other companies tend to offer the same service, which would be the difference in the service. Therefore, the quality and price are the main differences, which would be established in the service.It includes many dishes at a very cheap price that they are non-affordable to the competitor. The management would hire riders with given square boxes attached on their bikes to deliver the fresh food to the customers.

 Itis expected that initial investment would be around $550,000 for purchasing the assets and cooking equipment. It is financed through bank loan, some personal savings and requires extra investment from the investors in order to start better.

The structure of the company would be leased at 1500s warehouse space with a truck delivery platform. Furthermore, the area selected would be near the industrial site where the rents would be reasonable and that there would be easy access to major highways. Food should be delivered in hot containers in order to maintain it fresh for up to 1 to 2 hours. . .....................

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