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Personal project presentation Case Study Analysis

Potential solution

Select block chain that is widely supported

Adding ERP to block chain allows the company to detect the suspicious attempts of an unauthorized access and security threats in real time, preventing the data leakage, improving the productivity and complexity by helping users in navigating the complicated processes, improving functions, such as: order completion, production & delivery, ensuring an efficient and streamlined processes and so forth. EOSIO – block chain protocol seems to be the perfect tool to be integrated into ERP, on account of its scalability and flexible properties.(Rica, 2019). Additionally,

the EPR supported by Hyper ledger Fabric offers an exclusive approach to consensus, thus allowing productivity at scale while also preserving the demand of enterprise data privacy. Through open governance as well as an open source; it tends to feature new capabilities of innovation hardened for use - ushering in the new era of transparency, accountability as well as trust.

Technology barrier

Route connectivity and record tracking

Vaccines are biological items which could be easily damaged by an excessive light, freezing temperature and high temperature. The inappropriate transportations, lack of record tacking and connectivity in less connected routes are the foremost reasons of the vaccine efficacy and these risk factors could put vaccine products at the risk of degradation. An effective temperature monitoring of vaccines ensure that the vaccine products stay effective and safe & reach the customers on time. Vaccine at risk on account of an inadequate maintenance and temperature monitoring system and the suboptimal or inefficient cold chain capacity, hamper the availability of quality and safe vaccine.

Potential solution

Io T sensors

The technology-enabled tacking and monitoring sensors, cloud storage and block chain, which provide the real time visibility into the significant variations in temperature – and an opportunity to intervene before an occurrence of damage. The digital technology helps in managing the distribution of products once the product gets dispatched from the factory. The tracking of products includes: IoT sensors, which help in the identification of weak links along the supply chain. The Cloud leaf could be used as a tracking system, which could read light, humidity and temperature, along with the details of manufacturing. Another IoT method is using the scan-able barcodes that could be used to monitor time, location and temperature. With a reliable logistics and supply chain; the vaccine products could be reached to the end customers in an efficient manner.(Kaplan, 2020)................................


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