Allianz AG Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Allianz AG Case Solution


This case concentrates on broad-gauge tactical positioning and execution in the worldwide monetary services sector. Allianz AG, as summed up in the event, is a significant German insurance provider with its greatest footprint in the domestic home and casualty company, however likewise inhabiting market positions in life and medical insurance, and in insurance-likes cost savings items like set and variable annuities along with reinsurance. This case concentrates on tactical alternatives dealing with management throughout customers, items and locations at German, Worldwide and european levels.


Pedagogical Goals:

What kinds of tactical positioning and execution options appeared most appealing from the point of view of market share, investor and success worth? And exactly what designs are there in the monetary sector, varying from multifunctional monetary corporations like Citigroup to much more worldwide however concentrated companies like AIG and AXA to regional however string competitive gamers like Lloyds TSB or Lead or Gerling?

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  Economics and Political Science

published: 01 Jan 2004

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