Louis Gerstner and Lotus Development (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case concerns the acquisition of International Business Machines (IBM) in the Lotus Development Corporation. (A) case presents some strategic issues in the software industry, as well as a brief history of IBM, Lotus, and their leaders, Louis Gerstner and Jim Manzi. Issues of strategic and cultural fit can be analyzed. (A) case ends with Louis Gerstner from speech to employees of lotus, which allows the student to role-playing games. (B) If a text of the speech actually gave Gerstner and can be analyzed in terms of the content, purpose and delivery. (C) cases are some of the issues related merger integration. "Hide
by Joseph Harder, So Kato Source: Darden School of Business 9 pages. Publication Date: April 18, 2000. Prod. #: UV3171-PDF-ENG

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Louis Gerstner and Lotus Development (A)

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