GT Advanced Technologies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

GT Advanced Technologies Case Solution

GT closed the deal by October 2013 through which it provided industrial-sapphire material to Apple; the stuff was to be used to improve the quality of iPhone displays. The technological company went on to top supplier of the equipment as it used to create industrial-sapphire, however it was not a producer of the stuff. Apple contributed in enhancing GT’s production facilities by supplying GTAT with a prepayment that was ensured by an equipment lien; nonetheless, their arrangement did not stipulate that Apple had an obligation to buy any of GTAT's industrial-sapphire output.

Shortly afterwards, GTAT filed for bankruptcy. This case asks students to contemplate GTAT took on the conditions of such a high-risk deal, what options were open to both GTAT and Apple in the consequences of the deal, and how their threat might have been mitigated.


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