Lott Industries: The CEO Fights for Survival Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In November 2009, Joan Uhl Browne, the CEO of Lott Industries, confronted a looming disaster. Would she be able to save the company she had led for two and a half years, as financial losses mounted? The instance traces Browne’s steps as she tried to replace the decline of over 85 percent of the sales of the organization, assemble a management team and create new, innovative products.

Lott Industries The CEO Fights for Survival Case Study Solution

The crucial choice was which strategy was most likely to be successful in ensuring the survival of Lott Industries: to keep doing what Lott had traditionally done, finding contracts attached to their present employee-consumers’ ability levels along with innovating, or to concentrate on securing long-term, higher margin contracts that require the flexibility to hire workers who do not have developmental disabilities, but who can do the jobs.

The all out attempt to save Lott Industries through 2009 comprised searching for any and all sorts of contracts, restructuring the organization, and developing in house innovations, including green cleaning products and gourmet dog foods. Browne pushed ahead, but she found that the support from her most important stakeholder, the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, was weakened. As the frustrations of managing the changes needed for survival in an increasingly poor market accumulated, the case starts and ends with the CEO chewing over the next steps she needs to take, and also the chance they will be successful.

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Lott Industries: The CEO Fights for Survival

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