Local Hosting to Cloud Computing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


We have a system named local hosting currently running in our organization. Local hosting is good application as no money is required to buy the server and operating system.

The employees can access the server from any local connected location. However,the issue in local hosting is that the users cannot share their data globally. The users are bound to share their data locally but not globally.

Therefore,our organization requires such type of application in which our users can share the data globally. Hence,we have developed a Cloud Computing system in which our data can be accessed globally. Every user can access and share the data throughout the world by sitting anywhere in the world.

Vision, Objective and Purpose:

The vision of United Partners of hope (UPH) is to move to Cloud Computing to local hosting.
We will make an application on Java through which we can connect all our system globally. We can access all our data by sitting anywhere in the world. It also reduces the cost. Users can share their data easily.

Current architecture

We are currently running a system in our organization named local hosting in which the computers are shared together locally.Through local hosting local security can be controlled by yourself or your IT staff. It is very much secured. There are chances of hacking. Through local hosting we have fast access on networks.The clients can share their data with each other locally.

For instance, if we want to connect to a system, which is outside our city or country and that we cannot access it,then for that we need a system in which we can connect our system globally.............

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